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Transform your carbon footprint with eFlexFuel E85 Conversion Kit

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1,850,000,000+ Miles with eFlexFuel

Join the fleet of eco friendly drivers

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of your driving and have a desire to reduce your carbon footprint up to 80%? We have a solution for you as with the help of eFlexFuel E85 conversion kit, you can drive ecologically with your current vehicle. By filling up with E85 gas, you can join the fleet of eco friendly drivers. For every kit purchased, we also plant a tree to preserve our planet!

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eFlexPlus installed in engine

Always Optimized Fully Automatic Flex Fuel

Run E85, gas or both in any mixture.

Cooler & Cleaner Engine

E85 burns more completely keeping your engine cooler and cleaner.

Complete System

Everything needed for DIY installation included.

Your Fuel System Verified

We verify that your stock fuel system is compatible with E85.

Fully Automatic Flex FuelAlways Optimized Fully Automatic Flex Fuel
Cooler & Cleaner EngineCooler & Cleaner Engine
No Tuning NeededComplete System
Flex Fuel System VerifiedYour Fuel System Verified

Convert your current car eco friendly

The eFlexEco E85 conversion kit is designed for drivers keen on reducing their carbon footprint with eco friendly driving. eFlexEco allows you to cut down on emissions with the use of ecological E85 gas. eFlexEco E85 conversion kit ensures greener miles and optimal performance with any mixture of E85 gas and traditional gasoline. The first step toward more sustainable driving starts with eFlexEco.

About eFlexEco

What is E85 Gas?

If you're wondering why you should fill up with E85 gas, the answer is simple: E85 is the best fuel you can buy as it allows you to drive green and you're spending your money on fuel that's produced by American farmers.

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E85 fuel pump in United States

Get your E85 gas from 4300 available stations nationwide

Available nationwide, E85 gas is the most ecological fuel available at the pump. It is a renewable fuel made in the US from plant materials and corn biomass. And good news is also that E85 costs often less than regular!

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