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Check your engine performance and keep log on your E85 gas consumption with eFlexApp

eFlexApp gives you an access to your engine data and allows you to log in information such as your gas consumption according to the fillups you make. With eFlexApp - mobile application, you can monitor

  • E85 gas content in your tank,
  • Fuel and engine temperature,
  • Injector duty cycle and activity,
  • Cold enrichment and
  • Fault codes

It is great fun to see all this data behind the green miles.


Operating system requirements for the app include the Android 5.0 and up iOS 9.0 and up. eFlexApp requires permission to use Bluetooth on both operating systems. In addition, location permission is required on Android. The location is only used when nearby Bluetooth devices are being scanned. eFlexApp uses BLE technology, which requires the location to be turned on while scanning.